Places to travel from Prague

Prague and its location is making it very easy to decide when looking for perfect base to explore whole region of Central Europe. We have a very dense network of freeways as well as side routes - all in pretty good condition, so travel with us is not only an unforgettable experience but also very efficient way to see much more while you're on a holiday. Bellow is a list of top destinations conveniently reachable from Prague.

Day trips from Prague

It was actually one of the first ideas when we were establishing our company back on beginning of 2016 - we wanted show to travellers that not only Prague is a beautiful place worth to spend some time in but also few other locations within reasonable driving distance which are the perfect choices to make a day trip from Prague.

Things to see in Prague

Prague is full of beautiful sites and you can literally spend a week to walking around and still not to see all of them. We created a list of the most beautiful things to see in Prague and attached coordinates for you to easily find them.

Things to do in Prague

Prague has with no doubts a wide range of activities which you can do while visiting this beautiful town and there is really something for everyone - no matter what is your interest, age or level of physical condition. Based either on our own local experience or on feedbacks from our clients, we put together a well arranged list of "things to do" in Prague bellow...