Day trips from Prague

It was actually one of the first ideas when we were establishing our company back on beginning of 2016 - we wanted show to travellers that not only Prague is a beautiful place worth to spend some time in but also few other locations within reasonable driving distance which are the perfect choices to make a day trip from Prague.

Trips from Prague

Prague has a lot to offer, but that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to the city. A nice day away from town can give you a brand new perspective of this country. We take a look at some of the best places that you can visit as a Day trip from Prague.

Cesky Krumlov

Listed in UNESCO world heritage since 1992, Cesky Krumlov is with no doubts the most popular day trip from Prague. The reason is not for only its natural beauty surrounded by winding river and well protected Renaissance architecture, but also for its unforgettable medieval atmosphere, which is always enhanced by labyrinth of small cobblestone streets with many original tiny shops selling the local goods. Český Krumlov is located right south from Prague and nearby the Austrian border, It can be reached by car in about 2 hours

Karlovy Vary

One of the most famous spa towns in whole Europe, Karlovy Vary built its reputation long time ago by attracting people on its unique thermal mineral springs which led the town development into a beautiful assemblage of sumptuous colonnades, city parks, great lookouts and buildings with amazing architecture. Karlovy Vary welcomed many important figures in the past such as Wolfgang Goethe, Ludwig Beethoven, Franz Joseph I, Mozart, Sigmund Freud and many others. It is located 1.5 hour drive westbound from Prague.


Being completely flatted down by alliance bombing in 1945, it is a miracle how this town - once a cultural pearl in lower Saxony had been restored to its today’s state. You can admire the famous Zwinger palace, Residence, Frauenkirche and Bruhl’s Terrace in 1.5 hour drive north from Prague to Dresden.

Kutna Hora & Konopiste

The former silver town of Kutna Hora - which once used to compete with Prague in importance, lies only 1 hour drive east from Prague and offers lovely old town district dominated by Gothic cathedral of St. Barbara as well as very unique and unusual place called the Bone Church. This day trip is combined with a visit of Konopiště Castle, which is not only beautiful place set in surrounding forests but also famous for being the last residence of Archduke Franz Ferdinand before he was assassinated in 1914 at Sarajevo.

Pilsen & Karlstejn

On this day trip from Prague, you’ll have a chance to explore the secrets of our brewing masters by visiting the world famous Pilsner Urquell brewery and taking a comprehensive tour of its interiors. Another part will be discovering a beauty of one of our most important castles Karlstejn, which hided Bohemian crown jewellers for over 200 years.

Lidice & Terezin

These both places played very sad role in our dark War World II history, namely Terezin for being used by Nazis as a concentration camp and Gestapo headquarter and Lidice, place which was burned down on Hitler’s order after a successful assassination on Reich’s protector Reinhardt Heidrich. Both places serve as memorials today to commemorate all that victims of Nazi cruel.