Things to do in Prague

Prague has with no doubts a wide range of activities which you can do while visiting this beautiful town and there is really something for everyone - no matter what is your interest, age or level of physical condition. Based either on our own local experience or on feedbacks from our clients, we put together a well arranged list of "things to do" in Prague bellow...

Things to do in Prague

Czech Republic is with no question a country of beer - having tradition in brewing since 1500 and featuring more than 450 breweries today. Because of such a massive competition for a country with just over 10 million people, the beer is not only voted as a one of the best in the world, but it is at the same time one of the cheapest when comparing with other countries... therefore it is not uncommon to see bottle of water beeing more expensive than same amount of beer. For that beeing said, we must put a beer activities on top of the list ;-)


Beer BikeExperience untraditional way how to explore Prague by pedaling and drinking beer at the same time. 

Beer Bike Prague

Beer SpaPamper yourself with special Czech treatment and enjoy the unlimited beer on tap. 

Bernard Beer Spa



Jazz ClubsExperience the most iconic jazz clubs and their traditional atmosphere.

Reduta   Ungelt   U Maleho Glena

Dance ClubsIf you’re still not tired by the end of the day, you can still spend your energy in some most favorite’s dance clubs of Prague 



Everyone’s favorite indoor activity so if there is rain outside, check out some of the following places…

Museums - National, Senses



Prague Zoo

Number one activity with the kids but also very nice experience for anyone else if weather permits.

Stay active and do some walks

Burn some calories and do some of the following walks to have spectacular view of the old town… Letna, Petrin

Try the Boat rides on Vltava River

Go on either sightseeing or dinner cruise and see the old town from the Vltava river.

Get small shopping at Farmer’s Markets

Visit the local’s favorite markets and try some of Czech goodies.

Relax in Parks & Gardens

If you just want to sit down and relax yourself, enjoy some of the Prague’s most beautiful parks and gardens… Havlickovy sady, Riegrovy sady, Stromovka, Park Letna Valdstejn garden, Vrtba garden, Furstenberg garden, Palfy garden

Explore some Churches & Cathedrals

Admire the beauty of mostly catholic churches in Prague and learn their long an rich history.

Sport Activities

Winter ice skating - Have fun with one of our most popular winter activity at either skate park Letna - located back at Letna Park, just across the street from Sparta Prague football stadium (tram station Sparta) or at Na Frantisku which sits just by the river, nearby Spanish Synagogue or Hotel President, between Cechuv and Stefanikuv bridges.


Day tour of Prague

Leave all the planning on us and let one of our English speaking guides to take you around to see most of it by taking our convenient, partially walking and partially driving tour.