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€ 50

Explore this amazing medieval town with its original atmosphere, history and picturesque architecture. It is listed in UNESCO World Heritage since 1992 and also the most visited place in Czech after the Prague. Walk its neat cobblestone streets, have a view from the castle or find your souvenir in one of small cozy shops.

This stopover adds approximately 3 hours to your transfer


€ 30

Break your journey and visit the fairy tale Castle of Hluboka - place owned by the Schwarzenberg family from 1661 and where they lived until the beginning of the World War II. Admire its elegant interiour including the representation rooms, wood carving decorations and strall through its pretty extensive park.

This stopover adds approximately 1.5 hours to your transfer


€ 30

Visit Konopiste Castle - the last residence of famous Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria who was assassinated in Sarajevo in 1914 what triggered off the World War I. See the interiour including rooms of Franz's family, watch a bear in the castle's moat, peacocks in the rose garden and relax by strolling around.

This stopover adds approximately 1.5 hours to your transfer