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€ 30

Select this stopover and get to know Mikulov - wine capitol of Palava region with its conspicuous Baroque castle on a cliff. Places worth to visit - Mikulov Castle and its viewing terrace, walk up the cross way to the Holy Hill or wine tasting in one of the local wine cellars.

This stopover adds approximately 1.5 hours to your transfer


€ 35

Make a stop at this beautiful Neo-Gothic summer palace built and owned by the family of Lichtenstein and widely used for meetings of European aristocracy. See its magnificent interior, perfectly shaped colourful gardens or just relax in giant Chateau Park overlooking the Minaret. It is part of UNESCO since 1996.

This stopover adds approximately 2 hours to your transfer


€ 40

Select this stopover and get to know Telc - fairy tale Renaissance town dating to 12th century served as an important trading stop. Places worth to visit - charming Zacharias from Hradec Square, Chateau with its tower, garden, park and surrounding fishponds. UNESCO listed since 1992.

This stopover adds approximately 2.5 hours to your transfer


€ 55

Reveal beauty of this UNESCO listed historical town and former capital of silver, which helped to ensure the boom of Czech Kingdom in Gothic times. See places like St. Barbara Cathedral, unique Ossuary at Sedlec, Italian Court, Museum of Silver, Jesuit College, incredible Dacicky House and the old town in general.

This stopover adds approximately 3 hours to your transfer


€ 65

Explore this amazing medieval town with its original atmosphere, history and picturesque architecture. It is listed in UNESCO World Heritage since 1992 and also the most visited place in Czech after the Prague. Walk its neat cobblestone streets, have a view from the castle or find your souvenir in one of small cozy shops.

This stopover adds approximately 3 hours to your transfer