Karlovy Vary and its unique spring were discovered by the famous Czech King and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV in the 14th century while hunting a deer in the neighbouring forests. A spa town has developed here over the centuries whose fame has surpassed the borders of Bohemia and Karlovy Vary becoming synonymic with charm and social standing. It welcomed such a figure as Johann W. Goethe, Giacomo Casanova, Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang A. Mozart and many others along with dozens of heads of many states. Over than a half-century now, it is hosting many movie stars every year, thanks to its famous international film festival in July.

Before you'll hit the town with all its treasures, our guide will take you to the world-famous "Moser Glassworks" where you can not only shop for some nice souvenirs but also attend a 30 minutes excursion and see how every piece of art is made from the scratch. What Karlovy Vary is really about is to slow down, relax and enjoy its fantastic atmosphere. While walking the heart of town, you'll have many opportunities to taste some of the thirteen unique mineral hot springs available - so well known for its beneficial effects on the whole digestion system. You can also try some of the original spa wafers or the local traditional herb liqueur named "Becherovka" and learn some history in its museum. If you feel like to have a 1 or 2 hours spa treatment or wellness procedure at one of the dozens of wonderful spa buildings in the town and have time to enjoy yourself, you can make with them an advance reservation.

Tour Programme

Our driver - who will be also your guide for the entire tour, will pick you up from your hotel or AirBnB in Prague on the time you have selected and once you'll reach Karlovy Vary, he'll take you on a walking tour throughout the town, covering all the sights worth to see. Remember that our program of the tour is always flexible and we will put our greatest effort that it is tailored to your satisfaction.


The overall time of the whole day trip is 9 hours - out of which the driving time is approximately 3.5 hours, so this will give you around 5.5 hours for the exploration of the town, where 1 hour is reserved for the lunch (not included in price).

Top Sights & Attractions

Moser Glassworks - Park Colonnade - Mill Colonnade - Market Colonnade - Hot Springs - Hotel Pupp - Diana Lookout Tower

Please Note

It is advisable to check the opening times for places you would like to visit as some of them might be closed on certain days, times of the year or could require to have a reservation in advance, which we're happy to assist you with if known reasonable time ahead.