Kutna Hora - the city of silver and deservedly attributed by the other name “national treasury” as its wealth helped to ensure the boom of the Czech Kingdom. The center of the city was included in the UNESCO world heritage list in 1995 thanks to its historical importance and architectural gems. The symbol of Kutna Hora is with no doubts the unique late Gothic Cathedral of St. Barbara while the one hour away Konopiste Castle resembles a lot to French castles from the Gothic period. Its history goes back to the 13th century since when it has suffered many transformations. In 1887 it becomes the home of the succeeding prince Franz Ferdinand of Austria and then a museum and tourist attraction, long after his assassination in Sarajevo 1914, which triggered off the World War I.

All of the Kutna Hora's streets, houses, and churches exude a long history full of important events, more or less linked to a silver so you can visit a medieval silver mine, where you will learn about the whole process from digging a silver ore to striking the coins in local mints, like tolars, ducats or Prague groschen - which was one of the most stable currencies in Europe as well as admire the beauty of the gothic St. Barbara Cathedral and appreciate the rarity of the Bone Church in nearby Sedlec together with it's mysterious ossuary. Then in the afternoon see the lovely area of Konopiste Castle an take the excursion inside to be amazed by the rooms of Franz Ferdinand family and his collection of hunting trophies, fine weapons, furniture, and tapestries.

Tour Programme

Our driver - who will be also your guide for the entire tour, will pick you up from your hotel or AirBnB in Prague on the time you have selected and once you'll reach Kutna Hora, he'll take you on a walking tour throughout the town, covering all the sights worth to see. Remember that our program of the tour is always flexible and we will put our greatest effort that it is tailored to your satisfaction.


Overall time of the whole day trip is 9 hours - out of which the driving time is approximately 3 hours, so this will give you around 6 hours for the exploration of the town, where 1 hour is reserved for the lunch (not included in price).

Top Sights & Attractions

Ossuary at Sedlec - St. Barbara's Cathedral - Historical Old Town - Italian Court - Museum of Silver - Konopiste Castle

Please Note

It is advisable to check the opening times for places you would like to visit as some of them might be closed on certain days, times of the year or could require to have a reservation in advance, which we're happy to assist you with - if known reasonable time ahead.