When in 1842 a clever and quite extraordinary brewer Josef Groll cooked up some ale using a new method called bottom fermentation, he had no idea it would become the beer against which all others would be measured. Pilsen is a place that will be forever associated with a centuries-old tradition of the beer brewing, while Karlstejn holds a special position among Czech castles, established by the Czech king and Roman emperor Charles IV as a place to protect our royal treasures and collections of holy relics.

The impressive layout of the Karlstejn Castle buildings from the settlement outside the castle walls right up to the Imperial Palace and the towers rising over it will captivate you with their ingenuity. In the Chapel of the Holy Cross, you will then merely contemplate the pictures of Master Theodoric in silent wonder. Set out for the most visited castle in the Czech Republic and discover the treasures it has hidden for centuries and in the afternoon, tour the world's most famous brewery in Pilsen and learn it's history and development of the beer. Our guide will also take you to Pilsen's old town where you can even explore the historical underground.

Tour Programme

Our driver - who will be also your guide for the entire tour, will pick you up from your location in Prague on the time you selected and once you'll reach Karlstejn, he will take you on a walk up to the castle, where you can join the tour to see castle's interiors (tickets not included in price) and later on in Pilsen, you'll get a chance to visit the famous Pilsner Brewery (tickets not included in price). Remember that our program of the tour is always flexible and we will put our greatest effort that it is tailored to your satisfaction.


The overall time of the whole day trip is 9 hours - out of which the driving time is approximately 3 hours, so this will give you around 6 hours for the exploration of the castle and brewery, where 1 hour is reserved for the lunch (not included in price).

Top Sights & Attractions

Karlstejn Castle - Karlstejn Village - Pilsner Urquell Brewery - Old Town of Pilsen - Great Jewish Synagogue - Pilsen's Underground

Please Note

It is advisable to check the opening times for places you would like to visit as some of them might be closed on certain days, times of the year or could require to have a reservation in advance, which we're happy to assist you with - if known reasonable time ahead.